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People’s General Insurance Corporation is committed to protect your privacy. As part of the company compliance to National Privacy Commission Republic Act 10173 series of 2012. AN ACT PROTECTING INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL INFORMATION IN INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS IN THE GOVERNMENT AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR, CREATING FOR THIS PURPOSE A NATIONAL PRIVACY COMMISSION, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES” we upholds an individual’s data privacy rights.

Information that we collect:
Name, gender, address, email, contact number, marital status, political affiliation, government ID and the description of the property insured.  We will use the information for specific reason only that was provided to us. Your data will be stored into our archives after 5 years.
Non Personal Information that we collect:
We use cookies to help us track visits to our website. Cookie is unique identifiers that web servers send to browsers, it’s a way for a website to remember you also store information such as user preferences.

How we use the information:
· Reporting to all government and /or non-life insurance regulatory
· To improve customer experience
· Sharing to Financial institution and Notary Public for Transfer of Vehicle Ownership
· Resonding to your inquiries
· For Claims Verification and Settlement

How do we protect the data:

1. We use our Network, Internet Access and Electronic Devices for COMPANY BUSINESS PURPOSES
2. Evaluation of Messages and communications sent via Company’s Network, Internet Access and
Electronic Devices.
3. Employees are aware to be careful to safeguard their passwords, log off their terminals when not in
use and not to permit others to access Company systems.

4. The Company review employees’ Internet use, including any information, email, or files transmitted
or stored through the company’s computer.

5. We impose penalties for employees violated our rules on our Information Technology guidelines.

6. We will not use your personal information that you have not expressly authorized. Your information
is not sold or shared with other entities for commercial purposes.

BANNED ACTIVITIES in our Company’s Network, Internet and Electronic Resources:

1. Accessing other’s folders, files, work, networks or computers. Intercepting communications intended for others.

2. Downloading or transmitting the company’s confidential information.

3. Uploading a virus, harmful component or corrupted data. Vandalizing the network.

4. Installing or using software that is not approved by the company.

5. Jeopardizing the security of access, the NETWORK, or other INTERNET NETWORKS by
disclosing or sharing passwords and/or impersonating others.

6. Accessing or attempting to access controversial or offensive materials. Network and Internet
Access may expose employees to illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or offensive materials. Employees
must avoid these sites.

7. Using another employee’s computer without permission or unauthorized access to the
Company’s Network and Electronic Devices specifically outsiders or non-employees.

We are using Sophos Firewall’s device to stop the latest ransomeware and breaches with high-performance streaming deep packet inspection, web protection and app control.

For any concerns questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy you may contact us:
The Data Protection Officer
People’s General Insurance Corp.
420 Calle Magallanes Intramuros Manila Philippines

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